Hi - - I'm Tim

It might feel scary for you to think about contacting me. That's ok. You won't be afraid for long. I'll help walk you through the process so that we can tackle these problems together. I know what it's like to call a counselor for the first time, wondering in your head "Will this just be another waste of my time and effort?" It won't. Or even worse, "Will he judge me for my past?" I won't.


I've been a professional counselor who works with individuals and couples in the Portland & Happy Valley area since 2006. I love working with people. Not just clients. Not patients  People.

I don't see you as a case number or a diagnosis. You are a person created with incredible worth, talent, and heart.

I want to give you just a sense of who I am before you think about calling me for an appointment. It's only fair, as I’m going to ask you to spend some of your time, money, and energy with me, and you are probably already in short supply of one (or all) of those things already.


Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life, but I do some of my best work with:

Men who want more out life. Better jobs. Dynamic relationships. Living a true life of meaning that doesn’t include hiding from opportunities due to fear, or using pornography to cope with stress and loneliness.

Couples who want more than just “staying together for the kids.” This includes working to restore trust, build intimacy, and create great communication. Or even better, working to prevent some of those issues altogether through premarital counseling and early marital skill building that help couples build a strong foundation from the very beginning.

- Christians, church leaders, or anyone struggling with issues of faith. Do you find it hard not to “fake it” while you are singing worship songs at church or hosting a Bible study in your home? Maybe you still have faith, but you want it to be more dynamic and powerful, and not just that thing you do on Sundays. Or maybe you are just fed up with the suffering that God has allowed in your life, and you have been hurt by other Christians who should have protected you, not hurt you.


Whatever your issue is, I know that we all need support in times of change. You are strong and capable of great things, but no one is good at going through the healing process alone. I want to help walk through it with you.

The amazing people who work with me soon come to realize that no man was created to be filled with anger, cheat on his wife, or use porn and video games as the main ways to cope with stress. No woman was created to live a life of fear, abuse alcohol, or to treat her husband like a child. We do these these things because we are broken and hurt.

The counseling process exists not to change you into someone else, but rather, to help you become more fully aware of the cause of your struggles, become empowered to know how to leave them behind, and then fully embrace who God intended you to be in the first place. 

Therapy sessions with me are also confidential. Sometimes fear and shame keeps us quiet. Instead of reaching out to get the help we need, we stay silent, hurting, and alone. Maybe you have been judged in the past by friends, family, your church, or your spouse, so it makes sense that you prefer just shutting up so you don't get criticized anymore. You never have to be afraid of being judged by me. The therapy room is meant to be a safe place to process your past, present, and your future. I will be there to listen, to always give grace, to occasionally give advice, but never to judge. I think you've probably had enough of that already.


And just in case you haven't had enough to read up to this point, here are a few of those details about me that I'm sure you were eager to read:

  • I'm a licensed professional counselor in the state of Oregon, and am subject to the code of ethics of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

  • I hold a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Western Seminary, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Portland State University.

  • I'm a Portland native, meaning I am required to love the Blazers, coffee, and the occasional microbrew. As a native Oregonian, I will also complain about the weather year-round, on any day that is rainy, hot, snowy, windy, or if there is any humidity in the air whatsoever.

  • I'm married to an amazing woman (and yes, we fight and tick each other off all the time too), and we have a toddler at home who brings us both joy and frustration every day.

  • I love my job. I love helping people strip away fear, anxiety, or the effects of past abuse, and to actually begin living the life they were meant to live. It's incredible to see people who are able to start trusting God again (as well as trusting themselves) and to no longer be held back by worry. 

  • I work with brave, amazing people.....just like you!  You are smart, talented, & capable, and I love helping people build a life of purpose, develop beautiful marriages, strengthen their faith, and build careers that they are proud of.