Stop Just Existing . . . . Start Really Living!


Does any of this sound like you?

Woman 1.jpg
  • I’m so stressed out . . . I never have enough time to get things done.

  • My marriage needs work . . . it’s not fulfilling.  I’m not even sure I want to be married anymore.

  • I believe in God, or at least I used to . . . Why would a loving God allow me to go through all this?

  • I want more from my life and career . . . I want to do something that feels meaningful and can still help me pay the bills.

Some people might have told you that you are "weak" or "lack faith" if you seek out a counselor . . . those people are wrong. God created us all to live life boldly, not to hide in the shadows by yourself, or to try and just "tough it out" while you flounder through it alone.  Asking a professional counselor for support is one of the bravest decision you could ever make! 

DOn't work yourself into exhaustion, or try and tough it out alone any longer. You are a person of incredible value and have so much to offer your family, your church, your career, and the world. Let me help you take the next step to create the kind of life you truly want to live!